TiO2 Anatase

The information provided here is intended to complement work that has already been published by providing details that we have found helpful. This page is in no way intended to replace on-the-job training. Be sure to read all Safety Data Sheets and understand the hazards of this type of chemistry before proceeding.

Use(s) of Material

This is a great example of low temperature and scalable nanocrystal synthesis. Up to 1 gram of nanorods can be produced. Considering the huge application range of TiO2 from battery to photocatalysis, a large number of user projects has been taking advantage of this synthesis

Chemical List

Titanium tetraisopropoxide (99.999%, Aldrich)
trimethylamino-Noxide dihydrate or anhydrous (98%, Aldrich)
oleic acid (90%, Aldrich)
Ethanol (Aldrich)
Hexane (Aldrich)

Equipment List

Schlenk line with nitrogen gas (argon works too)
Oil bubbler
Air-cooled condenser
100mL round bottom flask
Teflon stir bar
Heating mantle for 100mL flask
Temperature controller