GeTe - amorphous

The information provided here is intended to complement work that has already been published by providing details that we have found helpful. This page is in no way intended to replace on-the-job training. Be sure to read all Safety Data Sheets and understand the hazards of this type of chemistry before proceeding.

Use(s) of Material

GeTe is an excellent phase change material.

Note: Due to the nature of this material and how it nucleates, this procedure does not work every time it is run. If you are really careful with air-free technique and your timing it's possible to have ~75% success rate, which is pretty good for amorphous GeTe!

Chemical List

Germanium diiodide (GeI2; Strem)
Tri-n-octylphosphine (TOP; Sigma-Aldrich)
Tellurium shot (Aldrich)
Ethanol (anhydrous)
Chlorofom (anhydrous)
Hexane or toluene (anhydrous)

Equipment List

2 x 25mL round bottom flask
Air condenser
Teflon stir bar
Stir plate
Heating mantle and thermocouple
Schlenk line – vacuum and N2
4 x 1mL syringe with 18G 1.5˝ needle
2 x 5mL syringe with 18G 1.5˝ needle
1 x 10mL syringe with 18G 1.5˝ needle
2 x 0.2μ filters
2 x 1mL syringe (no needle)
2 x 50mL centrifuge tubes
3 x 15mL centrifuge tubes