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Schlenk Lines

Schlenk lines (also called manifolds) are commonly used in air/moisture sensitive and pyrophoric reactions. We describe in this section some of the hazards associated with Schlenk line use, as well as the initial set-up and use of such systems.

The pages herein ARE NOT intended to replace On The Job Training, but are meant as materials to compliment what is taught in the Molecular Foundry. Every researcher has his/her own preferences in how to set up a Schlenk line, including the type of manifold, bubbler, trap, etc. However, the basic principles in operating such a set-up are the same.

The descriptions to be provided here are from one set-up, and examples of common changes made to a line will be included.

This is a typical Schlenk line set-up found in the Inorganic Facility of the Molecular Foundry, and will be used as the example for the instructions/guidance in the following pages: