Help educate the community about the research going on in the Molecular Foundry. There are a lot of resources available at the lab to help people understand the cool science in the world, but here are two that are Foundry specific:
Nancy Nano: If you are struggling to understand the science we do in the Molecular Foundry, look no further! Nancy is a funny nanoparticle who explains the science we are publishing in kid-friendly terms. Flip through the pages on your computer or print the PDF versions as a real book. It's all freely available and can be accessed by anyone, so spread the word!

Science Kits for Classrooms: If you work at LBL and are interested in bringing nano education into the classroom, you can email BLISS@lbl.gov to access our "Nanoscience Kit" for grades 4 and 5. While you are on the website, take a peek at the other kits as well! There are lessons to teach you how to use the kits, and just like Nancy Nano, it's totally free. The only catch is you need to be affiliated with the lab.